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Preach The Word Network TV ( PTWWN Broadcasting) is a Atlanta GA based Christian Televison Network where the CEO and Founder(s) are Charles and Dr. Marilyn Todman.

PTWWN is the pioneer television network and was the first Christian Network to launch IPTV devices such as Roku over 14 years ago.  Since then thousands of Christian TV Networks have followed the footsteps of PTWWN.


'Called and chosen by GOD over 12 years ago the vision came alive.  The network is created to broadcast Christian programming not just for Christian People, but for all people.  We broadcast an array of television programming that air on our 24/7 channel network on all devices and platforms which includes Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Smart Televisions, Mobile Phones and other devices.  We hold contracts with Comcast and Spectrum Cable to carry television broadcasts on their entire footprint.  We also have been blessed to partner with Glory Star Satellite which broadcast our channel to other countries around the world via free to air satellite/internet. 


 Market by market we are promoting "The Kingdom Takeover Campaign"  This campaign is to connect with pastors in different markets to help us produce Christian programming on secular channels so that those who are not exposed to or watch "Christian Television" can hear the gospel news.  Our programming includes traditional preaching, but also inspirational talk shows, independent movies, minis series and variety television to reach all walks of people in the Christian and secular television world.


We invite you to be a part of the winning team!

We are presently accepting new television broadcasters and guests to appear on our featured television shows.

Feel free to contact us at 404 836 3838



We Are


For the Glory of GOD

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