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Please watch and call
TWO or THREE of the VIDEO advertisements that you may be interested in.

After you call the 800# of each ad, please complete the form below. 


    We thank you for coming to be a guest on the show.

Please support our advertisers.

Our advertisers make it possible for us to continue producing and broadcasting TV Shows on our network.  Your participation is very important.  You are under no obligation to purchase or enroll unless you choose to.

Please watch 2 of the the video ads below that you are most interested in and call the 800# on the ad and listen to the presentation

Call the 800#  on at least 2 of the  advertisements and listen to the no-obligation presentations.

IMPORTANT - Please confirm and verify you made the calls by completing the form below.

South University Online College

       Several Degree Programs

Book Publishing for new and existing authors

South University Online College

       Nursing and Medical Degrees

Residential Doors and Windows - Save Money

Select Appliance and Electronic Warranties

Get low cost LIfe Insurance rates and quotes

Guaranteed Funeral Expense Paid

Do you or someone you know who struggled with Mesothelioma?  Victim Recover money is available.

Do you know anyone who had trouble with an implanted medication port. Get Recovery from this lawsuit.

Save money on auto repairs

After you have called at least 2 ads of your choice, please click here or complete the form below.

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