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Imagine This: Your Very Own Global TV Network, Inspiring Millions and

Generating a 7-Figure Income Stream!

Are you ready to inspire, educate, and entertain a global audience 24/7 through the power of television? Do you dream of building a 7-figure revenue stream that transforms your business and your life? We can make that vision a stunning reality.

We Specialize in Launching and Growing Ultra-Successful TV Networks with potential to 

Reach Millions of Viewers Worldwide.

We're not talking about some cheap, cookie-cutter app or limited online channel. We're talking about a full-fledged, broadcast-quality TV network that positions you as a global authority in your field. With our professional training and dedicated support team, we'll guide you every step of the way. From developing your unique content strategy to designing your network's brand and look, to ensuring you the opportunity to expand to broadcast TV, satellite, cable, and other online platforms.

We'll Help You Build a Loyal Viewer Base and Monetize

Your Network Through Multiple Revenue Streams.

So why wait? The time to bring your vision to life is now. Let us help you create a global TV network that inspires the world and sets you up for unparalleled success.

The opportunity is here, the time is now. Let's do this!



A full channel with 336 half hour TV Show time slots


 A full channel with thousands of advertising spots to sell to businesses and organizations.


Included in this offer is a 24/7 Video On Demand Web Channel portal.  All TV Shows connected to your channels can be seen On Demand.


Broadcast quality admin system for you the channel owner.  Broadcast quality log-in system for each broadcaster that you sign up.


Training for channel owners
Weekly Training Classes as needed
Weekly training classes for your broadcasters to help them produce quality TV Shows.



336 - Time Slots - Set a goal to sell 330 of your TV Show time slots at $450.00 a month and earn a whopping annual revenue of $1,782,000.00    Keep 6 TV slots for your featured TV Shows that you produce.


You and your broadcasters have access to the PTWWN TV Studio for TV  for filming and editing.  
We offer you a wholesale rate and you resell it a retail rate to your broadcasters.


Launching a TV network channel is a significant undertaking. Securing high-quality content to attract and retain viewers is crucial to your success. That's where "Shared Content" comes in. Our  library of TV shows and movies is specifically designed to help you maximize your programming schedule. 


We provide you pay per call, pay per lead and pay per sale advertisements that pay an average of $20.00 - $250.00 per responded ad.


Additional revenue streams from movie productions, documentaries and sponsorships.  We teach you it all!

TV Advertising 
special offers for businesses.

Here is another income stream for TV Network channel owners. Imagine being the key to unlocking explosive growth for businesses through the power of TV advertising. PTWWN Broadcasting is thrilled to announce our evolution into a full-service advertising agency! This means you can now offer businesses and organizations a truly unparalleled advertising campaign – 3,150 thirty-second ads across 21 major TV networks, including your own. Picture the credibility and trust you'll build with business owners as you introduce yourself and present them with this extraordinary opportunity to reach a vast audience. Get ready to transform businesses and elevate your success together!

Each campaign can generate $1,000 - $5.000.

Get started with your TV Network launch today!

Get started for just $3895.00 initial investment and don't pay another dime for 60 days! That's plenty of time to sign up six - ten broadcasters to cover your monthly $2850.00 rate. This is an incredible opportunity
you won't want to miss!
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Your channel will be included in the PTWWN Broadcasting multi channel app on these Compatible Devices

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