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If you have not signed up for On Demand Click here

On Demand Instructions

We no longer hold Zoom classes for On Demand Classes. Below are very detailed instructions on how to upload and  use your backend On Demand system.

As a On Demand Channel user you are privileged to features including your content to be view 24/7.

When you upload your videos, your video will automatically appear in the on Demand Account where viewers can watch your broadcast 24/7 on our website, Roku, Fire and Apple TV device.  The On Demand have great features such as Download options where viewers can download your video.  They receive the downloaded video file and a a complimentary gift certificate for $200.00 in restaurant savings.  This is our thank you gift to them for those who download your video.  In Addition you will receive $10.00 for each video downloaded.  Once a month you will receive a Visa Gift card with the total of all the downloads.  Please read the instructions below that include other features of your  On Demand channel.



Your Admin log in address is

Use your login credentials. Remember do not upload your weekly TV broadcast videos here. Upload those videos at only. The Admin Account is ONLY USED for you to enter into your On Demand Channel to make edits, deletions, upload preroll video ads, pay per view live streaming or On Demand events or classes. 

Take the time to learn the back-end system so you can take advantage of the fantastic features to monetize and expand your your video content. 


Log into your Admin account at

Look to the left and see your admin panel

The first thing to do is manage your On Demand channel to design in to look beautiful and add features. Click on "MANAGE CHANNELS" to add features to  your channel.

Click on the middle of Blue colored box or where your logo is in the box. 

You will be directed to your channel page and you will see a yellow or gold spinning wheel at the top right of the page. Please click and follow the 4 steps.  This will set up your new On Demand Channel.

(1) Basic Info

(2) Add Social Media links

(3) Slider Settings ( This is for your banner to be displayed.  You can also add one or multiple banners of different ministries or businesses and charge them a fee. Turner the slider on if you have multiple banners that will be rotated.  IMPORTANT - Your banners should be sized 1280x70   If you need us to create a banner for you please contact u at and we can create one for you for $35.00.

Click save and your channel set up.  Note:  You do not have to go back to your channel unless you want to make changes.

STEP TWO Add features to your On Demand Videos

 Go back to your Admin Panel and to the left you will see


ACCEPT DONATIONS - Select the On Demand Video you want to accept donations on and click on the middle of the blue box or logo if you added a thumbnail image.

You will be directed to your video page and in the top right, you will see a "P" which is for Paypal.  Go to your paypal account and get your PAYPAL HTML BUTTON CODE.  Copy and Paste in the box.  In the title simply put "Donate".  If you are selling a product.  select the BUY NOW BUTTON from Paypal.  If it is a donation select the DONATE BUTTON CODE.

Copy and paste and save.  You now will see your Donate button at the bottom of your Video Player so Viewers can Donate to your TV Show.

Add More Features 

At the top right corner of your On Demand Video Player page you will see a yellow or gold spinning wheel. This is where you will select options on what you want viewers to see on your video.  We recommend you select FACEBOOK and HOME PAGE which you will add your website address. 

Note: At the bottom of your Video player, you or viewers can make facebook comments.  These comments will appear on your facebook page or the person who made the comment facebook page.  This is an awesome way to share your content on facebook.  Viewers on facebook can now click and watch your On Demand Vido.

Edit Video Titles, Publishing Date, Descriptions, etc.

The final step is to go back to VIDEO ON DEMAND.  Select your video and this time, click at the bottom of the blue or your thumbnail image if you have uploaded an image to the blue box.  Click to the bottom and you will see EDIT VIDEO.  Click edit video.  BASIC INFO allow you to do the following if you need to make makeke changes or delete a duplicate video or one that you want removed.  In this section, you can  do the following: Delete videos,  change the title of your video, change the description and publish date.  DO NOT click on expiration date or your video will stop playing at the date you selected so it is best to leave it blank. Do not add a  DO NOT add a password here or your viewers will not be able to see your video because you put a password on it.  This is only if you want your videos to be seen by people who you gave a password to.  Please leave it blank. 


ALLOW DONATIONS - Skip this section unless you are wanting to set up a pay per view video or do live streaming.  In this case, give us a call for further instruction.  Remember, you set up the donations in step two.

If you are looking to sell ads to appear in front of your On Demand videos, please call us and we will walk you through the process.

Vacation Incentives for sponsors, partners, advertisers and TV show guests.​

You can now offer travel certificates to people,  who partner with you, donate, advertise or sponsor your show.  You can charge whatever you choose to and receive 100% of the revenue. You can also give away these certificates to your TV Show guests.

Click here if you would like to sign up for the Travel Club Membership.


Preroll ads are a powerful tool to sell more ads. You can advertise businesses, ministries, etc.  These ads will come on before the video play.  These ads can be announcements or ads.  We recommend these ads not to between 15 - 30 seconds.

Step One

Upload Video

Video Title

Select Ad Video box

Upload your video and click SAVE

Step Two

Go back to the video that you would like the ad to run on.  Edit Video and select Advertisement.  Search for the ad title in video ad menu.  


Skip time should be set to "5"

Click Add preroll video

Enable and SAVE

Unlimited Channels

Upload your TV Show video in the upload system which you are familiar with.  Create additional channels for other outreach ministries, etc.  by uploading Your You Tube Videos.  Important! Do not upload other channel videos in the Upload System because it will confuse the system and your regular broadcast may not play.

Pay Per View Live or Pay Per View On Demand

You can host conferences, classroom training, bible studies, etc. with the Pay Per View.  Charge a registration fee or admission fee for your events and receive 100% of funds directly to your Pay Pal Account.  Stream live or pre-record your event  for On Demand Pay Per view at no additional cost.    If you want to go live click here for streaming rates.

Incentives - Hotel Stay Certificate Gifts

Great opportunity to increase sponsorships and advertisers by giving way these valuable hotel stay certificates.  Click here for more information.  

Got Questions?


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