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We love your story, and we believe that your story can inspire the world and change lives.

The cost of producing a documentary start at $3500.00 and can go as high as $100,000.00 depending on the storyline.

We are privileged to have buyers to assist us in the financing of your documentary. Buyers are sponsors, investors and advertisers who partner with us to provide the funding for us to produce your documentary.  We have accepted your story, and our buyers are ready to determine how much they will fund us.

Your cost is only $575.00 to cover the cost of us producing you a documentary teaser or trailer.  (financing available)

( you will also receive a copy of the teaser or trailer for yourself)

We will present the teaser to our buyers,

and they will determine how much they will fund us.

 Based on the amount we will produce you a stunning mini of full documentary ready for TV airing on our global TV platform.


Once our buyers determine how much they will fund, we will go into

pre-production to plan your documentary. Once the contract between us is agreed upon by both parties, we will move right into

producing your documentary.

To get started click below.

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