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Please read the valuable information below.  

People will donate or sow seeds to your TV Broadcast only if you have good quality content. This is the first step. If you need help, please feel free to contact us. You Must Invest in your TV Broadcast so that others will want to invest in your TV Broadcast. If your content is professional and of good content, the first step is to ask. In the world of television, this is called " A call to action" 

It is important to understand how it works. We know that God will always bless those who give, and most viewers already know the biblical principle of giving. People will give, but they will only give to whom they want to give to, and it is your responsibility to get the attention of your viewers and partners


Notice what most successful mega ministries do. Most of them offer a gift to those who will financially support their ministry or TV Broadcast. Below are a few suggestions.

A. Your Book - If you are an author, create a professional promo and ask viewers and partners to give and in return, they will receive a thank you gift. It is up to you to choose the amount you would like to ask for. If you know that your book is $12.00 you will want to at least double what you are asking for. 

B. Someone else Book - If you are not an author, no law prohibits you from going to Amazon to purchase a book and have it sent to your partner or viewer as a gift. Once you receive your donation, take a portion of it and order the book so it can be shipped promptly to your viewer. This is an excellent idea because you can choose different books each week based on topics you may be discussing on your show on a particular episode. This will also work well with other products such as music CDs, prayer shawls, bibles, etc.

If you do not have On Demand, please consider signing up for it because if you are broadcasting only once a week, you will want your content shown 24/7 so more people can watch all of your most recent and past episodes anytime. On-Demand will give you more opportunities for viewers to watch your content. The On-Demand channel also features an optional donation link on the player to give viewers easy access to give on the spot as they are watching your TV Broadcast.

Professional Video Spots - You can increase donations by producing a professional ad by mentioning the name and contact information of your sponsor, book, or product.

If you need help in producing a professional 15-30 second video promo for a book or other product. Call 404 836 3838 ext. 1009 to order.

Free - Do it yourself by mentioning the name of your sponsor, book, or other product. Make sure you use graphics and images to give your presentation a professional look.


We will now talk about how to get sponsors for your TV Broadcast. Sponsors can come from individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches. Usually, sponsors have announced in the middle or the end of each episode. (for example) " We want to thank our sponsor XYG for sponsoring this Broadcast. Please visit them online at or call 404 -xxx-xxxx. It would be helpful to put this information on the screen. Some broadcasters get fancy and create professional 15-30 second ads for their sponsor. All of this should be considered based on how much they are paying you. The contribution amount(s)) you asked for is totally up to you.  You have total control of what you want to charge your sponsors.  You can do the math to determine how much you can receive per episode.


You are at liberty to solicit businesses to advertise on your TV Broadcast. You work the deal out and choose the amount you want to charge. You will be responsible for producing a professional commercial for the business unless they already have one that they would like to use. We approve most advertisers except for anything to do with smoking or alcohol. sexual or anything distasteful or controversial to Christian TV. Most ads are 15 or 30 seconds and some at 60 seconds. 

You can do a lot with advertisers far beyond your weekly TV broadcast. If you have On Demand, you can ad the commercial spots in the pre-roll. The pre-roll will play the commercial right before your broadcast come on. Adding the video commercials to your On-Demand Channel videos will give your advertiser more for the bang because more viewers will have the opportunity to see their commercials. Some businesses like local TV Markets and others like global. Study your prospects so you will know how to offer them the best advertising packages. From time to time, you will find large businesses such as car dealerships, attorneys, etc. prefer to run ads all day on the entire TV Station(s). If you run across this type of opportunity please contact us and we can work out a financial split with you.

Can't find advertisers or sponsors to partner with you?

We partner with companies with thousands of advertisers that would love to advertise on your TV Broadcast. These businesses are willing to pay you monthly based on advertising sales and inquiries generated from your TV Broadcast. This is a unique and untouched market that can

bring financial revenue to your TV Broadcast


We offer training on how to integrate it into your TV Broadcast.



GET ADVERTISERS HERE ( Training Required)



Take advantage of the Travel gift Incentives we offer. Use them as a standalone product or throw in a travel certificate to increase the value of your sponsorship or advertising packages.

The travel incentive certificates are great giveaways to make it easier for you to receive larger donations, advertising, or sponsorship partnerships.




You can monetize your video content by having a Video On Demand Channel for only $99.00 a month. If you do not have On Demand, we strongly recommend it. If you already have it, please join us on the 4th Thursday night for training or you can click here to immediately get step-by-step instructions on how to successfully take advantage of your On-Demand Channel. You're On-Demand Channel is a platform to expand your viewership. All On Demand channels are listed on our website with a beautifully designed promotional flyer to spotlight your TV Broadcast.

 Below are additional ways you can monetize your content

​* To accept donations, payment for downloads and payper view you must connect your paypal to your On Demand Channel.  You will need your API from Paypal or  Click here for paypal instructions on how to obtain the API and signature key.  Once you receive this you can log in to your on-demand account channel and set up your account for payments .Click here for paypal instructions.  

A. Downloads - Did you know that each time viewer or partner downloads one of your videos you will receive $19.95 (or whatever amount you choose)? If you received 100 downloads( 25 a week) from viewers and partners each month, you would receive $1,995.00.00 a month.

Viewers and partners pay a suggested $19.95 download payment and you will receive $19.95 and they will receive an instant download of the video for the You are paid 100% of download fees directly to your paypal account or merchant  account.

B. Pay Per View - You can host live or pre-recorded events and take advantage of the pay-per-view feature which can monetize your upcoming seminars, conferences, classroom teachings, training, etc. Simply upload your pre-recorded video content or take advantage of our live streaming for pay-per-view events.

C. Banner Ads - Advertise your ministry, TV Show, or sell banner ad spots to sponsors or advertisers.

D. Pre-roll Ads - Add additional video ad spots in your On-Demand Channel. This is a great way to create additional revenue or promote your other products and services.

E. Donations - Increase opportunities for donations on your On-Demand Channel. You can add your r pay-pal payment code right in the video player so viewers will have easy access to donate to your TV Broadcast.


404 836 3838 ext. 1003

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